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A clock is an instrument that is used to measure and track time. The word is derived from the Dutch, Northern French, and Medieval Latin word like Clocca meaning is also traditionally known as a timepiece.

What is a clock?

In general terms a clock refers to a device for measuring as well as displaying the time. A clock is mainly hung on the walls or acts as a timepiece while a watch is worn on the hand. The clock is known to be one of the oldest inventions of a human being and it has been devised to consistently meet the time requirements. A clock can be used to measure the time of the day, the month, and the year. A Sundial is a kind of a clock that runs with the help of a sun. Water clocks are one of the oldest times measuring instruments there are various kinds of clocks like oscillating clocks, spring driven clocks, and pendulum clocks.

The different kinds of clocks

The different kinds of clocks comprise of sundials, astronomical clock, Spring driven clock, Pendulum, Hairspring clock, marine Chronometer, Quartz, atomic clock. There are various time display methods such as the analog clock, digital clock, auditory clocks, word clocks, projection clocks, tactile and multi display clocks. Various kinds of clocks are available in home décor as well as online stores. Clocks are found in homes, offices and many other places. Smaller ones are worn on your wrists.

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