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China Flag can be considered as one of the oldest flags which have not undergone any changes in time. The flag was officially accepted on October 1, 1949. The flag is created with a red background color and has only a few symbols. There is a golden colored star on the left top of the official flag and it is surrounded by other 4 golden stars from the right side of the main star. It is stated that the red background represents the communism and the China nation.

The other 4 goldens star which surrounds the main star represents the unity of the citizens and four classes which are available within the Chinese community. This flag has the title of the oldest flags which no any changes made on it and the laws of the Chinese government restrict any dimension change. The flag must be used with its current and original dimensions all the time. In case any of the flags will have damage on it, it will be destroyed by the officials by burning the flag and the new one will be used.

Chinese people and government pay a great attention to their flag and it is not possible to see any of the citizens wearing clothes in the form of their flag. According to their understanding, a flag is a sacred thing and you should not do whatever you want to do on them. We have provided every detail about the China flag in this article, we hope you liked it.

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