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Chibi, a Japanese word, refers to a “minute item or an individual with a petite body.” This is a straightforward, endearing variety of manga. Super Deformed/ SD is a new name for this and its connotation is apparent. It is basically an edition of manga/anime. Below we look at the way of drawing such a character.

Drawing the body

Make a drawing of the head. Foremost sketch a large sphere as well as an angle somewhat bent as the jaw line. Designate the face’s centre by the drawing of a couple of interconnecting bent lines.

Make a drawing of the body. In the drawing of chibi characters, the body is made smaller in comparison to the head.

Proceed with the drawing of the face particulars. You are free to sketch a standard anime eyes while making it larger. In the drawing if the nose and also have the mouth, you’re able to make use of a petite stroke as well as a bent line.

Make a drawing of the hair. Try making it straightforward and avoid adding slender locks of hair. You’re able to put in additional details that include hairpins, bows / ribbons for making it more fashionable.

Now pursue the outline and sketch the jaw line as well as the neck.

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Drawing the dress, hands & legs

Now the time has come to make the drawing of the dress. Try making the dress straightforward and avoid adding a great deal of pleat lines.
Now you proceed with the drawing of the hands as well as the legs. You’re able to illustrate the fingers by the putting in of straightforward bent angles as well as lines.

Finishing the drawing

Now rub out the needless lines.
Proceed with the Coloring of your drawing.

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Chibi PNG Transparent Free Images


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