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The cat is a domestic animal that is commonly kept as a pet at home. They come from the Felidae family and are small and furry creatures, which are carnivorous mammals there are various kinds of cats in the Felidae family.

You would find more than 70 kinds of species of cats and the best part is that each cat is different from the other in behavior, characteristics and looks. Cats vermin really well. The domestic cat, which is also known as a feral cat, is a small furry animal that loves feeding on fish and milk. These domestic cats are called house cats and are different from the wild cats seen outdoors.


Big cats are more or less similar in anatomy when compared to other cats. They have a strong and flexible body with quick reflexes and sharp claws, which can be retractable if required. There sharp teeth that can kill small prey very easily. They can hear the faintest of sounds, which are not possible in normal ears. They can see very well in the dark. Cats, however, have a problem in recognizing colors. They have soft pads at the bottom of their paws so that they can run quickly.


On an average a domestic cat sleeps for around 18 hours in a day and tends to spend the other period in hunting for food. They usually search for their prey at night. Though cats are known to be private wild animals, domestic cats are well loved by their owners. Cats can walk really accurately so that there is the smallest amount noise that helps them to hunt for prey easily.

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