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The carrot is one of the foods which is consumed a lot in the world. It mainly takes place in salads and various meals. Although there is no certain information about the origins of this vegetable, it is believed that it is originated in Asia. There are allegations which believe that this vegetable spread to the world from Afghanistan. It is one of the greatest sources of vitamin A. In case you consume it on a regular basis, you will never experience any Vitamin A deficiency. Since it is consumed as a snack food besides the salads and meals, it is among the food sources which are easy to consume.

Benefits of Carrot

One portion of this chopped vegetable contains 10% vitamin K, 6% Vitamin C and 2% calcium. As you know Vitamin A is very important for the liver and the nutrition in this vegetable are quite beneficial for eye and bone health. It is rich in beta-carotene which can pay a very important role in cancer prevention. In addition to these, some studies revealed that the vegetable has a protective property against the prostate cancer which is quite common in elderly men.

It also provides protection against many other cancer types but it is mainly known for its heart-friendly properties. Those people who regularly consume this vegetable have a lower risk of heart failure. Experts recommend it for the young children in order to make their bones healthier and take precautions regarding the eye health. This is why carrot should be among your favorite foods.

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