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A branch/ tree branch refers to a wooded structural part joined to and yet not element of a tree’s central trunk. Great branches are referred to as boughs with small branches being referred to as twigs. As a result of an extensive array of classes of trees, twigs and branches are witnessed in many diverse forms and sizes.

On account of the mammoth magnitude of branches worldwide, there’re various names in English exclusively for them. Overall though, imprecise words for branches have been substituted by “branch.”

Precise terms

A bough’s also able to be referred to as a limb/ arm, and in spite of they being possibly metaphors, each have been extensively accepted as bough’s synonyms.
The crotch/ fork is the part where the trunk gets split into a couple of boughs/ more.

A twig’s commonly mentioned as a sprig also, mainly at the time of it’s plucking. Additional expressions for twig consist of spray, branch let, and also source, along with the technical expressions ramulus and surculus.

A branch (tree term) that is present beneath greater branches can be referred to as under branches.

More on terms

A number of branches from precise trees do have their individual names, examples being osiers and withes /withies. Time and again trees have definite expressions, which, in the English language, are logically collocated, examples being holly & mistletoe, which typically make use of the idiom “sprig of”. In the same way, the bough of cherry trees is normally mentioned as “cherry branch,” even as additional such structures do not carry any such alliance. A first-class instance of this adaptability happens to be oak, which may well be mentioned as diversely as “oak branches”, “oaken branches”, “branches of oak”, / “branches of an oak.”

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