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Everyone likes to wear birthday hats in birthday parties. However, buying birthday hats can be really expensive. Would you like to make your own birthday hats this season? Read on to know how to make birthday hats

The process of making birthday hats

You may be feeling that making birthday is a tough job, but birthday hats are easy to make. The first thing you would need is some colorful papers and some streamers and some cardboard papers. You can make some colored or textured patterns on your hat. Cut the paper into a circle and then cut a small triangular strip out of the circle. Fold your circle evenly in half from left to right crease it and fold it again. Create a cone shape by folding one corner of the paper on to the other corner and join the edges .The hat would appear to be a conical shape. The basic cutout of your hat is ready.

How to make birthday hats & Decorating the birthday hat

Birthday hats can be decorated in a number of ways. You can paint it with various colors or decorate it with different colored glazed papers. You can stick your favorite cartoon characters or also draw your own characters in the hat. You can use small decorative and glazed paper so that your hat will glow in the fork as well. Punch two cycles on two sides of the hat so that you can wear the hat on your head, without the hat falling off. Your birthday hat is absolutely ready to be worn!

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