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A beard is a collection of hair that tends to grow on the chin and the cheeks of a male human being as well as animals. Adult males are the ones who grow a beard. They are part of the androgenic hair and there was a time when this beard was grown all over the body.

Why is a beard grown?

A beard is grown due to many reasons. They have been grown widely, depending on prevailing cultural and religious traditions like the Sikh religion as well as various fashion trends. A beard is absolutely necessary for some people, whereas some keep it for fashion and style. A good-looking beard also signifies a man’s personality, wisdom, strength, social status and sexual feelings. Some people also shave off their beard for style and fashion in the contemporary generation.

How does a beard grow?

The beard is usually seen to develop during puberty. It is linked to the stimulation of hair follicles in the area by a male hormone testosterone, which also continues to affect the growth after puberty. Some people have good beard growth, whereas some people have less growth depending on the stimulation of follicles. Different people are known to style their beard in different kinds of ways. Some like to keep it long whereas some like to keep it short. Some like it rolled up in a clean way while some leave it absolutely open. Different people sport their beard in different types of ways.

Different kinds of beards

The different kinds of beard include friendly muttonchops, Muslim beard, Meg, Monkey tail beard, Jaw line beard, Hollywood beard, Neck beard, Reed, Sideburns, Stash burns, and more. Beards are also a wide art subject at times.

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