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Batman is one the comics which is very popular since the first day it released. The movies of this fictional character have been filmed since the beginning of the movie industry and we have seen this character in many forms. He was the son of one of the richest families in the world, however, he had to witness the death of his parents during a robbery in the street when he was a kid. After that, he got the control of the whole wealth of his family and the footman of the family took care of him.

He just wanted to bring justice to the world and those who are looking for it and that is why he began to be trained by the footman. He met with the Catwoman after few years he lost his parents but none of them were superheroes in that time. His biggest enemy is a mentally deranged person who is known as Joker and trying to capture the Gotham City. He takes care of the city as a superhero as well as a businessman. No one knows the real identity of Batman apart from the footman and the Catwoman.

Today, there is a new TV series which tells the early years of this superhero starting with the murder of his family. In case you are interested in such events, you may want to take a look at this TV series about Batman in order to learn more about him, his past as well as other villains and superheroes in the comics.

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