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Most of the people know bamboo thanks to the pandas which are endangered. It is the main meal for all of the pandas but sadly, they do not provide the energy levels needed by these animals and thus, they like to sleep a lot as well. This plant has various species which look totally different than each other.

Mankind has been taking the advantage of these plants for thousands of year. In recent years, there is a new trend among the developed countries where they tend to design their houses with the materials made from these plants. However, these plants are very common in Asian countries and citizens of these countries have been using these plants for their home decoration for many years. They can be grown in Asia, North and South America. The largest species of this plant has 80 cm thickness and 38 meters in length. Some of these species may gloom although they rarely gloom. However, mainly they are classified in two different groups which the first one grows like a tree.

The body of these plants will be wood, they will have thin leaves and quite large flowers. The second type of these plants are the ones which grow like a weed and they do not exceed one meter in length. They are easy to break due to their flexibility and they can be used in many fields from clothing to furniture. Also, some nations chew bamboo tree in order to maintain their oral hygiene and make their teeth stronger.

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