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Being America’s national bird, the eagle’s turned into the international representation of autonomy and courage. It is easily identifiable in snaps as the eagle having a white colored head as well as a golden colored beak. However, as it’s a bird of prey surviving on additional animals for foodstuff, not numerous people have on their list of their much-loved bird.
Much information regarding this bird isn’t known by the masses that include particulars like tangible diet, habitation, and lifetime.

The Diet of the eagle

Each and every animal that includes the bald eagle survives in environments that are rich sources of foodstuff. In spite of it being a predatory bird, the universal misunderstanding is that it consumes roosters as well as tiny mammals, even if it in fact consumes carrion, which are basically dead / dying fish, mainly salmon. The eagle’s better described as a scavenger and not a bona fide predator. You will seldom see them preying on hen and additional livestock, though they make the most of the most accessible food supply about them.

North American Bald Eagles

Bald eagles are the sole bird that’s accepted as exclusively available in North America. They have boundaries that extend from down south till Mexico and way upward to the north till Alaska as well as Canada. Their normal territories are in close proximity to their food supplies, which are waters having plenty of salmon, thus making North America’s the western half their model home.


The lifespan of every living creature is dependent on numerous elements, namely their habitat, diet, food supply; they’re rank in the food cycle and so on. Bald eagles are capable of living till forty years. However, the greater number of eagles existing in the untamed enjoys an average lifetime of 15- 20 years.

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