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The Australia flag is one of the flags which look quite interesting when compared to flags of other nations. The history of this flag does not date back to centuries ago since it was selected with the help of a contest organized for this purpose in 1901 right after the Australia achieved the title of the federation. The shape and the design of the flag approved by the United Kingdom and the Australian government.

It had some changes in its look however the final change was made in 1934 and officially recognized in 1954. The flag has a blue background where the left top of the flag includes the United Kingdom flag and there are seven stars. Australian people know to be very nice people just like the Canadians and they pay a great importance to their flag. As you know wearing the flag as a dress or having the flag patterns on your clothes is welcomed in most part of the world, however, some countries believe that it is a disrespect to do something like that. Australia is one of them and they believe that their flag should be waved on the skies.

It has some special dimensions which mean that you have to comply with these figures in case you want to make the flag smaller or larger. Otherwise, the outcome will not look like a flag or look like a flag which belongs to them. This is all we are going to provide for the Australia flag which we hope that you liked the information provided in here.

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