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The best tasting vegetable : Eggplant, which is also known, as Aubergine in UK is a species of nightshade. They are commonly known as fruits as well as vegetables. Aubergine is commonly known as eggplant in North America, Aubergine in Britain and Brinjal in South Asia.

The description of an Aubergine

The Aubergine is a delicate, violet colored tropical vegetable, which has a spiny stem with needles on tithe flowers, are white and purple with a five lobed corolla and yellow color stamens. The Aubergine is egg shaped glossy and purple fruit that is brown within, when cut open with seeds. The fruit is botanically known as the berry and contains numerous tiny seeds that are edible and soft as well. The plant is very easy to grow and grows in huge bulks. This plant was previously known to be very poisonous; however the myth is nowhere prevalent.

Cooking and preparing Aubergine

Aubergine can be cooked and prepared in a number of ways. These fruits have a slightly bitter taste and an astringent quality, but it becomes really soft and tender when cooked you can make a number of dishes with the Aubergine. These plants are widely used in South East Asia and matches well with fruits like Tomato, Coriander and Potato. Aubergine is termed as the king of vegetables as they are available all throughout the year can be used for a number of cooking recipes and is good to eat as well. Apart from that, Aubergines are also known to have many nutritional values as well.

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