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The Anonymous mask and the man behind it : In the December of 2015 and later on Guy Fawkes had grown to be the placard teenager for anti-organization remonstrations, with protesters being donned in masks belonging to the 17th century UK revolutionary at rallies and displays. Protester group nameless used to be at the front position of the drive of wearing masks in the form of an anti-capitalist declaration.

However, the history of this goes as back as the 1980s.

History of the anonymous mask

Alan Moore, a Writer, and David Lloyd, an illustrator, had joined forces for creating “V for Vendetta”, which is a graphic novel work of art of U.K. in the form of a post-apocalyptic dystopia that was regulated by a shady administration. The superman “V” happens to be the strength for change.

V assumes the character of famous Guy Fawkes, botched revolutionary, via his mask. Nevertheless, on this occasion V is successful in the taking down of the authoritarian government. By the adoption of this mask, V turns into the revolutionary character, prompting humanity to inquire its policy creators. And that’s the effect of this mask in written form and also in the present-day social order.

The “Project Chanology” disputes against the minster of Scientology in the year of 2008 were identified as among the incidents that conveyed activist set, Anonymous, as well as the mask to the notice of the people. From that time onwards, Guy Fawkes has grown to be the key emblem for remonstrations the world over.

What David Lloyd has to say about it?

Even as numerous relate the mask of Guy Fawkes to Anonymous and not “V for Vendetta”, David Lloyd, the illustrator of the graphic novel, is satisfied with this advancement.
In an email to CNBC, Lloyd, who presently publishes “Aces Weekly”, an on-screen comic art periodical, told that he’s very pleased with every circumstance where the mask’s being made use of by individuals who’re attempting to do what they consider to be right, which is fight any oppression they are up against.”

He went on to say that that the key incentive of V is to make people free from oppression with the anonymous mask (v for vendetta) being made use of fittingly by campaigners, regardless of then knowing about the narrative / not.

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