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Get free 50% PNG images. Today, people see 50% off words on the internet and wonder what it is. This is the new trend on the internet where people do not write down some of the letters and sounds of the words. Most of the linguistics believe that this is the evolution of the language while the society believes that the youth is killing their language.

There are many debates and research conducted on this issue where people can not agree with the opposition ideas. We are not going to discuss the possible causes of these incidents but we are going to talk briefly about this trend. As we mentioned before, this trend kicks out some of the letters in words which do not affect how they are being read. Of course, this practice requires some training and time in order to understand what is being written. For instance, people can change the word “that” into “dat”. In this way, they save time and effort in order to type a certain word.

Of course, such an application will never be accepted by the official authorities however when you are a teenager who is constantly messaging with your friends, such shortened versions can be quite interesting and useful for you. Please keep in mind that we do not agree with such usage since we believe that language is a thing that needs to be protected by its users. Moreover, it made ups our culture and traditions, this is why it will be better for us to avoid [50% off] words trend.

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