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Download transparent blue, black, red, orange Nike logo PNG clipart images for free. Nike is one of the most well-known and “profitable” brands in all around the world which is originated in the United States. The owner of the company was a runner when he was in college and he visited China in one of his trips where he tried to meet with Chinese manufacturers in order to export shoes to the United States. He managed to have a deal with one of the manufacturers and began to sell the shoes he bought at the back of his car.

Blue Ribbon

The name of the company was Blue Ribbon at the beginning, however, owner of the company decided to change the name before they officially start their own business with the advice of one of his friends. This is why he decided to choose the name of one of the Greek goddesses which are the goddess of victory. After this decision, they also designed a logo for the company. The designer was a college student which they paid few dollars to him for the design however the owner of the company decided to give him share once they began to be successful and therefore, the designer earned about millions of dollars.

Download Nike Logo PNG & Nike Logo Clipart Images

The company is one of the biggest brands in the sports industry and they have the sponsorship of many worldly famous athletes such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James. If you will go out and check the brand of the shoes people wear, at the end of the day you can easily see that most of them will belong to Nike company.

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star png image 001b
star png image 001b

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