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The German flag has tricolor, which includes black, red and gold. These national colors of Germany are featuring three equally sized horizontal bands on the flag. The Germany flag itself conveys a rich German history and the colors portray the pride of the German people.

History behind the Germany flag

Do you know the history behind the German flag? The Germany flag never had these shades of colors. In 1866, after the Austro-Prussian War, the North German Confederation, the Germany flag took on a tricolor banner that featured black, white, and red in its flag. This tricolor of the flag has also become the flag of the German Empire.

During the 19th century the current flag color blank-red-gold originally appeared as the national colors of Germany flag. The Germany flag tricolor black, red and gold is actually considered as a representation of German unity and freedom. The existing colors German flag symbolizes the republican democracy, which established after World War II.

Do you want a flag?

Germany is filled with culture and tradition. The combination of tricolor on the flag of Germany makes it wonderful and unique. If you want to draw Germany flag or for your collection. You can visit the online site to view the actual Germany flag as well as give order online to have the beautiful Germany flag.

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